A New US Entrant in B2B Mobile Broadband Services

Landover Wireless is a new mobile broadband operator that will roll out nationwide services to strategic business partners starting in 2019-2020.

Landover's B2B platform is deploying advanced wireless technologies (including LTE-A/Pro, LTE Broadcast, and 5G NR) across a nationwide US footprint in 600 MHz spectrum. Strategic partners working with Landover will leverage 5G NR and Edge computing technologies to efficiently deliver new products and services including multicast video, connected vehicles, wide-area wireless sensors, and consumer and enterprise IoT devices.

Ensuring Mobile Access and Enabling Growth

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The U.S. needs more capacity and choice in mobile broadband. Ericsson projects that smartphone traffic will grow 9X by 2022. Video will comprise 75% of that traffic, driven by increasing mobile content consumption by all users, especially millennials, and an explosion in connected devices such as cars, augmented reality, and IoT.

As demand rapidly grows, consumers and enterprise customers will benefit from greater choice and competition in wireless services. The need for access to competitive markets in broadband services is especially true for media companies and over-the-top (OTT) video providers such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Disney, who rely on these mobile networks to reach their viewers and support enormous growth in on-demand video consumption.

Landover Wireless is introducing new capacity to meet growing demand and offers media and technology companies strategic access to bandwidth for delivering products and services directly to their customers.

The B2B Partnership Model

Landover Wireless introduces a new B2B partnership model for mobile broadband services. Instead of allocating resources to building a retail business, Landover is focused on establishing an industry-leading B2B platform for strategic partners. Landover supports mobile business innovation and offer partners more ways to reach and serve their customers efficiently, all with latest-generation technology and the highest quality of service.

For example, Landover enables enterprise partners to bundle connectivity and content services into new mobile devices, gaming/augmented reality devices, automobiles and IoT products, rather than requiring purchase of connectivity from a third party carrier. Landover also offers partners the ability to access device and network analytics and to adapt hardware, software, and network design to their specific use cases.


Landover Wireless Corp. is a mobile broadband builder/operator formed in 2008 by broadband pioneer Laurence S. Zimmerman. Today, the Landover Wireless team of broadband wireless, technology, and media leaders are actively acquiring a national broadcast spectrum footprint and preparing to build and launch a B2B mobile broadband platform.

Since 1991, Zimmerman has successfully built, operated, and invested in wireless platforms in the US and Europe. His five companies have deployed over $7 billion in capital and created over 12,500 US-based jobs.
Landover’s management team consists of:

• Laurence S. Zimmerman, Chairman and CEO, Board Member
• Sam Wauchope, CFO, Board Member
• Leonard Z. Sotomayor, EVP Strategic Planning, Board Member
• Jack Grubman, Advisor Corporate Strategy, Board Member
• Clay Perreault, EVP Network Engineering
• Matt Jones, Network technology & OEM Relations
• Montgomery Kosma, Global Strategic Partnerships
• Aandrea Carter, Government Affairs & Strategic Business Dev.


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