In an ever-evolving technological world, billions of mobile devices are creating massive demand on mobile network capacity. Mobile networks, adapting to this exponential capacity and performance demands, are expanding rapidly, adopting new many technologies.

As wireless networks continue to evolve, technology advances are reshuffling the competitive positioning of cellular carriers, television broadcasters and digital technology companies. Moving forward, leveraging technology and partnerships, these groups will extract significant value converging content and user experiences - fundamentally reshaping linear television and mobile video consumption.


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Next generation content demands will require a new platform for delivering content to mobile devices. In response to this demand, Landover Wireless is deploying its Advanced Wireless Content Delivery Platform.


Partnering with Landover is a strategic opportunity to create a sustainable and self-reliant model – one which will unlock rich media consumption, and help partners capture an additional layer of real-time user data across multiple screens. By making the Platform available to all mobile devices of any wireless carrier and controlling content delivery, this model offers users with an optimal integrated mobile / video / social experience without data plan consumption, while allowing partners to capture more value from the increase of time spent with the partner’s content and call to action opportunities into the partner’s ecosystem.


Landover understands both television broadcasting, digital/ social media and wireless cellular industries. All of these segments are under intense evolution through convergence and exponential growth, thus a high level of excellence is required within the Landover team in order to keep pace.

Deep understanding in engineering and business across multiple industries has enabled Landover to offer its partners significant value along with new opportunities. Landover was established in 1991 and its history includes two prior US-based networks which are operating under new ownership. Historically the company has created over 12,500 permanent US-based jobs and has raised in excess of $3.2 billion in private and public market capital for these prior builds.

Landover’s management team consists of:
• Laurence S. Zimmerman, Chairman and CEO, Board Member
• Sam Wauchope, CFO, Board Member
• Leonard Z. Sotomayor, EVP Strategic Planning, Board Member
• Jack Grubman, Advisor Corporate Strategy, Board Member
• Clay Perreault, EVP Network Engineering
• Matt Jones, Network technology & OEM Relations
• Montgomery Kosma, Global Strategic Partnerships
• Aandrea Carter, Government Affairs & Strategic Business Dev.


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